Flowers are one of those gifts that work for many occasions. Whether you are celebrating family, love, friendship, or even mourning, flowers make a great statement. The problem with flowers is that they are short-lived. Why don’t you try plants rather? Indoor plants gifts are the perfect gift. Not only are indoor plants beautiful and heartwarming, they also improve the atmosphere and are sure to live much longer than flowers. However, when giving plants as gifts, you will not want to burden the gift recipient too much but giving a gift that is demanding. Here are some excellent plants to choose from when you need indoor plants gifts.

12 Great Indoor Plants Gifts

There are 12 plants that are easy to care and are also gorgeous.



The first plant we will be looking at is the amaryllis. This wonderful plant makes wonderful indoor plants gifts. they will thrive in both cold and warm climate zones as far as you keep them indoors. They will even bloom in winter.

Acquiring this plant is easy since they can be found in every single garden center. You start these plants as bulbs. The great thing is they bloom early. The shipping of these plants is no problem if you decide to purchase them online.

A few growing tips for the amaryllis is do not overwater them. This plant does not require much attention, water it when the potting mix is dry which is occasional, and simply allow the plant to do its thing.


Ficus Alii Tree

The ficus plant is one of the most popular plants grown indoors. These plants are easy to grow and have an elegance that makes them respected and loved. The Ficus Benjamina also called the weeping fig is one of the most popular ficus plants. This tree is wonderful to view and make excellent bonsai trees.

This plant grows best in a lot of light so keep it near a window or by a window and it will grow nicely. Do not worry about under-watering this plant. This plant does well with moderate watering. Allow the potting soil to dry up to an inch or two deep between watering.



Everyone loves orchids. These are because they produce the most beautiful flowers. Growing them indoors is not as difficult as you will imagine. Just because they are elegant and classy does not mean they are difficult to grow. This is the reason why so many have fallen in love with orchids. You can easily order orchids online. If you want a personal interaction, I am sure you can acquire one at your nearest garden center.

You do not need to water the orchid plant often. Once a week is optimum. They like sunlight to bloom so place them by the window or on the windowsill.




The dieffenbachia is another great plant that makes good indoor plants gifts. This plant is excellent for anyone who wants to add an exotic feel to his or her home. The plant has foot long broad leaves of many colors. The plant itself will grow a full six feet.

This exotic plant is no trouble at all. As far as the room is warm, the plant will grow and grow very well. This plant can grow in dim parts of the room. Its broad leaves will capture light regardless of how small.



The lavender is a delightful plant with an amazing scent. It is also a good-looking plant has lively purple blooms that will brighten up even the gloomiest rooms. Its delightful scent will freshen up the room where it sits. Because of its wonderful fragrance, lavender is sometimes grown so it can be harvested and the oils extracted.

This plant does not need much sunlight although you should ensure watering is regular. DO not worry about the shipping. This plant will get to you in great shape.


Areca Palm

areca palm

The areca palm is another lovely indoor plant to have. This Palm tree will bring the tropics to your home. With a height of about 6 feet, there are not too large that they are a nuisance, at the same time they are large enough to be noticed.

This plant looks wonderful at the workplace just as much as at a home. Have this plant in the visitors’ lounge and brighten up the mood of clients and business partners.



Of course, no list will be complete without the mention of the rose. This plant is a classic and never goes out of style. Roses do not always have to be red, you can have white rose, pink rose, and yellow rose. This plant will certainly warm the heart of the recipient. Sure, we are used to receiving bouquets of roses but how many times have we received a live rose plant?

Because the plant is sealed in a large delivery box, there is very little chance of damage occurring. You can also find a potted rose plant at your nearest garden center.



aloe vera plant

The aloe is a classic plant known for its simple elegance and many uses. It soothing and healing properties has made this plant very popular indeed. A potted aloe vera plant is an excellent plant to give as a gift. They are easy to care for and almost impossible to kill. They also purify the air very well. This is the perfect potted plant to give to anyone who is new at caring for plants.

The aloe vera prefers room temperatures especially if you do not live in the tropics. They also light a lot of light. You can place them on a window sill. Since they are not large plants, they will fit into most spaces. There do not require frequent watering.

Jade Plant

jade plant

The jade plant is another elegant tree plant that is easy to care for especially in places where the temperature is cold. Many people also grow them as bonsai plants. This plant is easy to train. As such, you can train the branches and stems into interesting shapes. This plant will grow slowly and live long.

The jade plant grows best in warm temperatures and like a lot of sunlight. Grow this plant by the windows indoors and it will be okay. Watering is usually about once a week. However, the best way to ensure the plant is well watered is you let the potting mix dry a few inches deep before watering.


indoor bamboo

The bamboo plant is known as a plant that grows quickly and has many uses. From chopsticks to wooden pegs and so much more, this plant has many uses. It also makes an excellent plant to give as a gift. Not only is the bamboo easy to grow, it is also efficient at filtering the air of toxins. It will give an atmosphere of serenity.

Growing the bamboo plant is easy. Just water it regularly and expose it to sunlight. Try the lucky bamboo, this plant will grow in plain water. Moreover, you can train the plant into any shape and design.

Peace Lily

peace lily

While the peace lily is not a botanical lily, it is an amazing plant. It will remove toxins and has a very elegant looking flower that everyone will love.

If you plan to grow this plant, it is easy. Even someone with no experience growing a plant will find it very difficult to kill this plant. The peace lily will grow in low lights, and it requires watering only when the potting soil is dry. That should be once a week most of the time. It is best to feel the potting soil just to make sure.


indoor herbs grow

There are many types of herbs out there. The great thing is almost all of them have similar requirements. They grow easily and wildly and have many uses. They are great companion plants and produce very good culinary ingredients. Need herbs to garnish your meals, why not cut fresh herbs from the live plant? There are many herbs out there from basil to thyme, chives, cilantro, dill, lavender, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage to tarragon, to name a few. Getting herbs online is easy. You can get an assortment of herbs for a few dollars. They will grow easily and require little to no attention from humans.




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