If you desire to start your indoor garden, you can do so from the comfort of your home. Apart from the plants themselves, you can acquire all the needed equipment and materials online. From potting mix (also referred to as potting soil) to planters (containers), watering cans, and grow lights, you can acquire these items online. So what are the best indoor plants online? I personally prefer plants that are difficult to kill and easy to care for. With these plants, you do not need to be worried.

15 Best Indoor Plants Online

Here are the best indoor plants to get online.


golden pothos

This is one of the best plants to get if you want an air-purifying plant. The pathos will easily remove toxins such as formaldehyde from your home. The golden pothos has a nice, simple and elegant foliage, which will brighten up both your offices and home.

Since the pothos plant is a trailing plant, the stems can grow up to 9 feet and longer. As such, you need to trim the plant when you feel the stems are too long. This plant will grow well in low light, although low lights will diminish the variegated nature of this plant. Water this plant only when the potting mix is dry.


aloe vera plant

The Aloe gel (gotten from the leaves of the Aloe plant) is an important ingredient in many skin care and hair products. This is because of its soothing and healing abilities. While many varieties of the Aloe can grow rather big, the Aloe Vera variety is compact and will fit perfectly in your home.

The Aloe Vera grows best in warm temperatures of about 70 degrees. Sunlight is an important need of the Aloe Vera plant. You should expose your Aloe Vera to a lot of sunlight. As a succulent, Aloe prefers moderate watering. Only water when the soil or potting mix is dry.

Spider Plant

spider plant

The spider plant has long willowy leaves that are variegated. This gives the spider plant a distinct look, which attracts many people. This plant will survive with little care, although they may tend to look messy. Many people prefer to hang the spider plant. They are also aesthetically when grown in a pot.

The spider plant prefers a slightly moist soil. For best growth, expose the plant to moderate to bright lighting. A warm room temperature of between 60 and 70 degrees is perfect for the spider plant.

English Ivy

english ivy

The English Ivy is one of those plants that will never go out of style. This elegant plant works well as a trailing plant. With heart-shaped variegated leaves, the English Ivy is a striking plant. The best way to grow the English Ivy is from a hanging basket. You might want to trim the stems when it gets too long.

Starting the English Ivy is simple. All you need is to cut a section of the stem and plant it. The English Ivy grows best in temperatures between 55 degrees to 70 degrees. Provide the English Ivy with moderate lighting and a moist soil.

Jade Plant

jade plant

The jade plant is easy to care and grows slowly. Because of its long life span and ease of care, many grow the jade plant as a bonsai plant although traditionally the jade plant is not a bonsai plant. The leaves of this plant are lush and thick. The stems and branches are easy to train. The jade plant grows slowly and will last a lifetime.

The jade plant is tropical in nature. As such, it prefers bright light and warm temperatures. You should ensure the soil is dry before watering it. As a succulent, the Jade plant does not require a lot of watering.

Rubber Plant

rubber plant

This plant is easy to grow and will actually grow into a tree, even when kept indoors. The foliage of this plant is glossy and brightly greened. When potted, the rubber plant will grow up to 8 feet tall.

If you do not want your rubber plant to grow too tall, you will have to trim it regularly. Ensure the top of the potting mix is dry before watering the rubber plant. This plant will grow well in bright to moderate light. The rubber plant thrives best in warm temperatures.



The dieffenbachia plant has large broad leaves with can grow up to a foot long. This exotic-looking plant has variegated leaves. This plant will grow as high as six feet if you let it.

Caring for this cheery plant is easy. As far as the temperature is above 60 degrees, the plant will thrive. Ensure that the potting mix is evenly moist. The Dieffenbachia plant does not require bright lights. This plant will thrive in moderate to low lighting conditions.

Peace Lily

peace lily

Although the peace lily is not a true lily, it is an elegant plant that produces an elegant flower. The leaves are glossy, and the blooms are white and curvy.

The peace lily grows best in warm temperatures such as the temperature indoors. Low light and low humidity are the other two requirements of this plant. As far as the potting mix is kept moist but not waterlogged, the peace lily will grow beautifully.

Snake Plant

snake plant

The snake plant has sword-like leaves that point straight up. Also known as the mother-in-law tongue this plant’s foliage is variegated with yellow or white edges. When exposed to enough light the snake plant will bloom. It will however grow well in low lights, moderate light, and bright light. This makes the mother in law tongue an easy plant to grow. The potting mix should only be watered when the dry.


Ficus Alii Tree

There are many different varieties of the ficus plant. They are easy to care for. The Ficus Benjamina is one of the more popular varieties of the ficus plant. This tree gives both homes and offices an elegant look.

The ficus plant prefers much light. They grow best in full sunlight. Filtered bright light will also do. Most varieties of the ficus plant will grow best in a moderately watered potting mix. You should ensure the potting mix is dry before watering. Room temperature is perfect for the ficus plant.



What you get with Peperomia is variety. Popular indoor varieties such as ripple peperomia, red-edge Peperomia are easy to acquire be it online or from your local garden center. The foliage of these small plants is glossy and oftentimes colorful.

Caring for indoor peperomias is simple since the indoors’ temperature is perfect for growing peperomias. In addition, these house plants will grow well in low and medium lighting. When it comes to watering, ensure the top of the potting mix dries before watering.

Areca Palm

areca palm

The areca palm is one of the prettiest indoor palms you can grow. This plant will give your home a tropical feel and look. This plant can grow up to seven feet when potted. This palm plant is sure to draw attention, wherever it is planted, be it in the workplace or in a home.

Water this plant on alternate weeks, and provide it with bright yet indirect sunlight. Average room temperatures are perfect for the areca palm.



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