When growing house plants, you would also love to have indoor plants that smell good, since they will improve the air in the room with pleasant aromas. Other things to consider include colors, time of bloom, and the needs of the plants and also the size of the plant.

Plants such as roses and jasmine have strong aromas and a much are best placed in a sunspot. Also, it is important to know that the aromas of the plants are better released when the plant is touched or carried by air. Also, have herbs in your kitchen is a nice way to add fragrance to the kitchen space.

Here Are Some Indoor Plants That Smell Good

Basil – The basil herb is one of the more popular indoor plants that smell good you are sure to find in most herb gardens. The basil has a strong pungent menthol aroma. Like most Mediterranean herbs, the basil prefers a lot of sunlight, a quick draining soil mix such as cactus mix, and warm temperatures such as room temperatures.


This plant cannot tolerate cold, so you should grow them only when the weather is warm, or bring the potted basil plant indoors when the weather is frosty. Blooming reduces the flavor of this plant greatly. It is, therefore, best to use the leaves before they bloom. Also, nip every bud as soon as they appear.

Gardenia – This popular plant is famous for its beautiful flowers and lush foliage. It is also aromatic. Since it is a tropical plant, it goes very well indoors. The evergreen gardenia does not grow well in cold temperatures. Gardenia grows best at moderate room temperature. Growing this plant in a pot is a great idea. You can have the gardenia plant outdoors during the warm seasons such as summer and spring, bring them indoors during the cold seasons such as winter, and fall.


Things to know before you acquire gardenia plants are:

  1. Gardenia grows best in partial shade when outside or bright light when grown indoors.
  2. A well-drained slightly acidic potting mix, and
  3. High humidity

Jasmine – Jasmine is a ubiquitous part of perfume, as matter of fact, over 8 out of 10 women perfume contains the fragrance of jasmine. Not only does jasmine smell good, it has the ability to soothe the nerves. There are many varieties of Jasmine just as there are for many modern indoor plants.


Things to know when growing jasmines:

  1. The jasmine plant thrives in warm temperatures, other there are varieties that grow in colder temperatures.
  2. The jasmine plants prefer bright light and grow well in a well-drained potting mix.

Juniper – The juniper is a low maintenance shrub that is famous for its sweet aroma. It has a spicy, fresh pungent fragrance that is a favorite among gardeners. This shrub also has the ability to attract birds.


Lavender– Lavender is one of the plants that come to mind when we think of fragrant plants. The lavender plant’s beautiful violet flowers and soothing aroma makes it a favorite among indoor herb gardeners. Lavender oil is popular in scenting clothes, soaps, shampoos, and other uses. There are also varieties of lavender plants to choose from.


Lemon Balm – The lemon balm is a popular herb, and is one of the most pleasing plants you can grow. This mint plant has a lemony aroma hence the name. It looks like a plant from the mint family and as such, it has similar needs.

lemon balm

Things to know when growing the lemon Balm plant:

  1. The lemon balm plant will grow in partial shade or full sun.
  2. As far as the soil/ potting mix is not waterlogged, it will grow beautiful.
  3. Like other herbs, fertilizing the plant will allow it to grow lush and leafy but produce little aromatic oils, which gives it its aroma. For this reason, Gardeners should keep fertilization to a minimal.

Marjoram – The marjoram works well as both a seasoning and also adds fragrant to your indoor garden. The aroma of this plant is close that of oregano, only sweeter. The requirements of the marjoram plant are exactly as that of the basil and many other indoor plants that smell good.


Mint – The mint herb is a popular culinary ingredient. It is popular in the preparation of teas, and candy. There are many varieties to pick from, with varieties such as peppermint, orange mint, chocolate mint, and spearmint being quite widely spread.


Oriental Lily – This plant as gorgeous speckled flowers and a strong aroma. These lilies are of several varieties. Some are white; others are pink and also yellow. These lilies will bloom in late summer.

oriental lily

Things to know when growing oriental lilies plants are:

  1. These lilies require at least six hours of direct sunlight a day
  2. A well-drained slightly potting mix, and
  3. Relatively high humidity. These tropical plants grow wonderfully in planters.

Rosemary – The rosemary is a perennial evergreen plant and has blue delightful flowers. It is a great companion for sage, carrots, cabbage, and beans. The rosemary is a plant that needs the winter to keep growing. As such, you should take it outside during the winter.


Research has shown that the rosemary plant reduces stress hormones (cortisol). This, in turn, reduces anxiety. The rosemary also improves learning and memory.

Rose – The roses are another famous indoor plants that smell good. The rose also has beautiful blooms. There are several roses to choose from such as the ‘Honey Perfume’, Heritage, Fragrant Plum, Radiant Perfume’, ‘Louise Odier’ or ‘Madame Plantier’, ‘Autumn Damask’ and ‘Double Delight’. Each cultivar has subtle differences and tips when it comes to growing them.


Thyme – The thyme is another herb that is very aromatic. It is a widely used culinary ingredient and goes especially well as a seasoning for chicken. You can also grow this plant for its aroma and appearance. The thyme’s pink to purple flowers adds to the thyme’s appeal. There are many varieties of thyme. Like other herbs, the thyme grows best in well-drained soils or potting mix. This Mediterranean plant likes a lot of sunlight and a warm temperature. Growing the thyme alongside cabbages is a great idea since this discourages manifestation of pests.




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