The Bay laurel which is scientifically known as (Laurus nobilis) is an aromatic large shrub. It is a part of the more popularly known bay leaves that are used in various kinds of cooking. The bay laurel is native to the mediterranean region and also known as sweet bay, bay tree, true laurel, grecian laurel, laurel tree or simply laurel.

Knowing Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis)


The laurel are part of the genus laurus which are evergreen trees and can grow in various lengths and sizes ranging from 7 to 18 m (23-59 ft).


The laurels can have male and female flowers on separate plants mainly pale yellow or green in color and sizes of 1 cm in diameter. The leaves of these shrubs can be 6-12 cm long and 2-4 cm broad.

Growing Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis)


The seeds need a lot time to germinate and the lighting requirements are not much. Moderate to low lighting should be adequate during the germination process. Make sure it is not receiving too much sun as that could result in burning down the plant.


You need to water this plant deeply and also make sure to allow the soil to slightly dry out in between.


You need to fertilize this plant mainly during springtime when the plant is growing actively. Try adding some sea kelp/kelp meal in a pot. Worm castings can also be good supplement along with fish emulsion for added nitrogen.




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