Indoor plants are a joy to grow and have in your homes; from orchids to ferns, tropical plants to fruit plants, potted trees such as bonsai to vegetables, there are many plants to choose from. At indoor plants expert you can find every bit of information related to indoor plants, houseplants and indoor gardening.

Houseplants will illuminate your home and office spaces with their beautiful foliage and flowers. House plants are great at purifying the air (removing toxins and carbon dioxide) and thus reducing stress both in the homes and in the offices. Vegetables, herbs, and fruit plants can also be successfully grown and cultivated indoors. If you wish to successful grow indoor plants, then this is the right place to be. We have an amazing collection of growing and care information on countless indoor plants. We also have care tips and articles that will broaden your know-how when it comes to indoor plants. There is a plethora of information available to all, from beginners to experts.


House Plants

House plants will grow wonderfully as long as you provide them with all their needs. House plants can range from herbs to vegetables, to flower plants, to even fully grown trees. Bonsai is also a popular method to cultivate houseplants. Although they may require more attention, the principals are the same.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is a great way to have fresh ingredients for preparing meals. Also, an indoor garden can beautify the home. A few hours of sunlight and your garden will grow beautifully. If you have limited access to sunlight, you can use grow lights to aid the plant’s growth. Other things to consider include potting mix, plant food, watering, temperature, and humidity.

Container Gardening

Starting your garden in a container is a great idea because of its many advantages. For starters, it allows you to grow many plants in a limited amount of space. Also, you have full control of environmental conditions such as light, aeration, humidity and so on, and as such, you can even grow tropical plants. Container gardening is a great way of going vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowering plants, trees and plants grown for their lovely foliage.


Hydroponic gardening is on the rise. That is because it allows for the best control of all a plant’s needs; amount of oxygen, water, nutrients, and other needs are carefully and meticulously delivered to the plant.

Hydroponics is the growth and cultivation of points in a soilless medium. The plants are anchored with a medium such as perlite, gravels, rockwool and coco coir, and the nutrients, oxygen and water are delivered directly to the plants’ roots. It allows for faster growth and higher yields. Some hydroponic systems include nutrient film technique, deep water culture, drip system, ebb and flow system and aeroponics system.

Indoor Tree Plants

Indoor trees can decorate office spaces, homes and so on. There are many indoor trees to choose from. Trees are not only meant to be outside. With the right conditions, you can grow a healthy and strong tree in a planter indoors. Tropical trees such as Meyer lemon tree grow very well indoors. Temperate trees can also be grown indoors.

Finding The Right Balance

Providing plants with the right amount of light, water, plant food (fertilizer), potting mix, air, humidity, temperature, and so on contributes to successful growth and cultivation.

It is crucial that the potting mix is right for your plant. Most plants thrive in well-drained potting mixes such as cactus potting soil. But it is important that your plant has the right potting mix. The potting mix and plant need to be in a container. It makes the planter important. It should be of the right size and have enough drainage holes.

Every plant has different light needs. While tropical and Mediterranean plants thrive in 7+ hours of bright light, temperate plants require less light. Other environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity are also important. With indoor plants that require high humidity to thrive, you can mist them or acquire a humidifier. Most indoor temperatures will do for most houseplants. Some plants will require the cold of winter to grow. Aeration is also crucial. Ensuring the environment within which the plants grow is well-aerated is important.

It is crucial that you get the watering of your plant right. Overwatering is the #1 killer of houseplants because some gardeners tend to go overboard with this. You should check the soil and water only when the few top inches are dry or according to the plants need. Many plants will need watering between once a week to twice a week. Feeding your plant is also crucial. Overfeeding can be bad, so can underfeeding. Some plants such as herbs require minimal feeding to grow best. Indoor Plants Expert has all the answers to your queries and thorough guides for beginners.